Hello Everyone.

The following information is as much as we know at this moment in time. If there is any further news at any time, l will immediately relay it to you.

During late autumn 2017 a consortium of business people, consisting of, one developer and two additional parties made contact with “Crown Golf Ltd” regarding the possible purchase of “the land only”, which “Eccleston Park Golf Club” sits on.

Following these discussion, agreements were reached and made between the consortium and Crown Golf Ltd. The golf club will remain open and fully active under the existing management of Crown Golf Ltd and the new consortium will in effect be the new landlords/owners. The land in question still remains classified as “Green Belt”, and therefore cannot be built upon until the land is re classified for the construction of private dwellings.

During this coming year, the group (Rainhill – S.O.G.B.) has an immense amount of work to do and most certainly will be looking to all of you for your support in many ways.

During the first half of the year the group will be running; fund raising and publicity events throughout the village. Please come and support us and say hello.

Around August, we can expect the announcement and publication of the second and final edition of the “Local Plan”, now to be re christened as “The Preferred Option” document.

It is at this time that we must without question, all come together and object in the strongest manners possible (legal of course) and using only factual information. We will help you with this in every way.

It is also critically important that we Rainhill - SOGB along with the wider public, exert and maintain extreme pressures on our councillors at local and St Helens level. They are making these massive decisions about our greenbelt, our future, our future families and our health that will dramatically impact on us all if they go ahead, particularly in view of up the upcoming local elections.

In addition, and at this time, we will also be running some ‘Calls to Action” which must be heavily supported at the time. More about that later

John F. (Group Chair)