Council Press Release.

“St Helens Council” have publicly released today some of their thoughts and information regarding “Phase 2 of the Local Plan 2016/2033”.

The first link below is to the announcement in “St Helens Star” today.

It would appear that the penny seems to have dropped with the councillor’s and council officers regarding the traffic congestion and its affects not only on people’s lives but local economic growth throughout the whole borough. I know many of us pointed the traffic congestion out.

We have also been made aware, that both “Wigan Council and Highways England” are having issues with this matter.

The heads of all the campaigning groups are meeting for a discussion on Wednesday evening 1st Nov.

It will take more than the time we have currently between now and the meeting to seriously digest the amount of data in question.



If you have any suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re looking for as many comments and suggestions as possible.

All the very best.

John Fairclough.


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