Air Pollution & Vehicle Emmission's Linked to 50,000 Deaths per year!!!

This should concern you, join the fight against losing our "Green Belt". If we lose our green belt, more houses will be built, averaging an additional two cars per household.

The stronger our group, the more chance we have of at least reducing the councils proposals, in turn this will effect every resident in Rainhill.

Please consider the pollution and increase in traffic linked to all of the roads of the following;

  • Rainhill Road.

Warrington Road.

  • Mill Lane

  • M62 J7.

The quality of every road will be destroyed.

Now consider all the following are full to capacity and over stretched;

  • GP Services

  • Dental Practices

  • All local hospitals

  • Primary & High Schools.

  • The Ambulance Service.

  • The Fire Brigade.

  • The Police Service.

  • And not forgetting ALL the highways.

The above are just to mention but a few pointers...

Please support us and look after your family.

John F